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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen


There are so many things that we need our children to do in order for our house and our schedule to run smoothly. We have a vision of what must get done, how it should be done, and when it should all happen.

But kids have a totally different take on how their day should flow. It’s as if they live in an alternate reality. Who needs to brush your teeth? What’s wrong with staying in pajamas all day?

Here are five simple ways to help you stop struggling with your kids and get your kids listen to you:


Did you know that April is Autism awareness month?


Did you know that even up to today autism is a condition that still mystifies scientist? Specialists are continually looking at developing new ways to understanding and working with autistic people. As such I believe that library staff should also keep abreast of such development as well, in order to improve the service rendered to library patrons with special needs. Don’t you agree?